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SPL provides the following products and services:

Surface Preparation Laboratory select and polish the best metal and oxide crystals and alloys for your experiments. The details of the crystal depend on your needs and requirements.

The choice of your material and orientation.
  • Metal single crystals, most common orientations for:
    • Cubic (1 1 1), (1 1 0) or (1 0 0) or stepped surfaces like (1 1 11) or (1 1 7)
    • Hexagonal (0 0 0 1), (1 0 1 0) or (1 1 2 0) or stepped surfaces like (1 1 2 2) or (2 1 3 5)
  • Metal alloy single crystals
  • Semiconductors
  • Oxide single crystals

The shape of your metal and metal alloy crystals.

For our most frequently produced crystal shapes, check the various models on our Request Quote page or send us a drawing of your custom model by email.

The shape of your oxides and semiconductors:
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Disk

The crystal surface alignment and polishing.
  • Aligning to ≅ 0.1 degree and polishing
  • Aligning to < 0.5 degree or better and polishing
  • Aligning to < 1 degree or better and polishing

curved_photo curved_photo curved_photo curved_photo curved_photo curved_photo
(click on the image to view a gallery of various curved crystals)

SPL provides cylindrically curved metal crystal surfaces that are polished to the same roughness specification as its planar polished single crystal surfaces. Now you can save costs by not having to order multiple crystals for a range different orientations, but get all of them on one single crystal.

The choice of your material and orientation.
  • Offered exclusively for metallic elements, most common orientations:
    • Cubic (1 1 1), (1 1 0) or (1 0 0) or stepped surfaces like (1 1 11) or (1 1 7)
    • Hexagonal (0 0 0 1), (1 0 1 0) or (1 1 2 0) or stepped surfaces like (1 1 2 2) or (2 1 3 5)
  • Any azimuthal orientation to define the direction of curvature

The shape and radius of curvature of your crystal.
  • Hat shaped with flat sides, as above
  • Radius of curvature to define the total angular range:
    • 15 mm for an angular range > 30°
    • 20 mm for an angular range > 23°
    • 25 mm for an angular range > 18°

Surface Preparation Laboratory prepares and polishes the surfaces of polycrystals to fully expose the interior structure of a piece of material. We remove the damage that is caused by mechanical cutting, grinding or sanding and suitably prepare your sample using diamond polishing, colloidal silica or chemical-mechanical polishing techniques. This service can be performed for customers seeking to prepare samples for e.g. X-ray diffraction or EBSD analysis. We can provide polycrystalline elemental or alloy material, or you can provide the material yourself.

Surface Preparation Laboratory can repolish and realign the surface of a used crystal. For crystals that were used previously for experiments you save the material cost of a new crystal and we restore the surface finish for you.

What we offer you:
  • We assess the crystallinity of your sample in our Laue system.
  • We inform you of damage to the crystal lattice and mosaicity.
  • We let you know how accurately the crystal can still be aligned.
  • We polish away any impurities that are residing in the surface region of the crystal.

What you get:
  • A crystal that is repolished to the same roughness spec as a new crystal.
  • A surface region that is free of the contaminants that were previously present.
  • A realignment of the surface normal to the original orientation.
  • A slightly reduced thickness of the crystal.

What this service does not do:
  • Repair a crystal lattice. You will need a new crystal if you require the crystallinity to be perfect.
  • Remove bulk contaminations. Any impurity that has diffused into the deep bulk of the crystal will eventually reappear.
  • Fix plastic deformations on non-polished portions of the crystal.

For experiments where the surface finish of a single crystal is not essential, or where you would like to perform the polishing yourself, Surface Preparation Laboratory provides single crystals that are made to the desired shape, but that have a fine ground surface finish. If you require such a raw crystal, just uncheck the "Polished surface" checkboxes at the bottom of our Request Quote page when requesting your crystal. Note that we do not sell complete single crystal rods and restrict the thickness of e.g. discs that we provide to a maximum of typically 5 mm.