Surface Preparation Laboratory
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The Netherlands
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Surface Preparation Laboratory can repolish and realign the surface of a used crystal. For crystals that were used previously for experiments you save the material cost of a new crystal and we restore the surface finish for you.

What we offer you:
  • We assess the crystallinity of your sample in our Laue system.
  • We inform you of damage to the crystal lattice and mosaicity.
  • We let you know how accurately the crystal can still be aligned.
  • We polish away any impurities that are residing in the surface region of the crystal.

What you get:
  • A crystal that is repolished to the same roughness spec as a new crystal.
  • A surface region that is free of the contaminants that were previously present.
  • A realignment of the surface normal to the original orientation.
  • A slightly reduced thickness of the crystal.

What this service does not do:
  • Repair a crystal lattice. You will need a new crystal if you require the crystallinity to be perfect.
  • Remove bulk contaminations. Any impurity that has diffused into the deep bulk of the crystal will eventually reappear.
  • Fix plastic deformations on non-polished portions of the crystal.