Surface Preparation Laboratory
Penningweg 69-F
1507 DE Zaandam
The Netherlands
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What we offer

Polished curved single crystal surfaces

SPL provides cylindrically curved metal crystal surfaces that are polished to the same roughness specification as its planar polished single crystal surfaces. Now you can save costs by not having to order multiple crystals for a range different orientations, but get all of them on one single crystal.

Polished polycrystalline surfaces

Surface Preparation Laboratory prepares and polishes the surfaces of polycrystals to fully expose the interior structure of a piece of material.

Repolishing and realigning of used single crystals

Surface Preparation Laboratory can repolish and realign the surface of a used crystal. For crystals that were used previously for experiments you save the material cost of a new crystal and we restore the surface finish for you.

Raw single crystalline material

For experiments where the surface finish of a single crystal is not essential, or where you would like to perform the polishing yourself, Surface Preparation Laboratory provides single crystals that are made to the desired shape, but that have a fine ground surface finish.


We develop and produce high purity graphite crucibles.