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To issue a quotation we need at least the following minimum information:
  • The name and address to whom the quotation should be addressed
  • The crystal material that you would like to order
  • The number of crystals that you would like to order
  • The orientation of the polished facet
  • The allowable miscut angle
  • All relevant dimensions for the shape of the crystal
  • Any other essential info like e.g. azimuthal orientation
After you have received a formal quotation from us, there are roughly two ways in which we accept orders. The first and most common one is to simply submit an official Purchase Order (PO) from your company or institution to or by faxing a PO to +31756120491. The order is firm after we receive the PO and will be confirmed by email within at most a few days. The order confirmation will contain the estimated shipping date and the invoiced amount is due upon receipt of invoice. The invoice in turn is issued after the goods are shipped. The second option to place a PO is to request a pro forma invoice. Once we have provided the pro forma invoice to you, the order will be confirmed after receipt of payment and production of the crystal will begin thereafter.
In a purchase order, please include the following information:
  • The reference number of the quotation that the order is based on.
  • An invoice address (physical address or accounts payable email address).
  • A delivery address (has to be a street address that the courier driver can deliver to, i.e. __NO__ P.O. boxes).
  • The incoterms under which you are placing the order.
  • If you are ordering from within the EU: your institution's VAT number.
  • A contact phone number for the courier service.

Additionally, you may want to provide the following info:

  • A non-EU taxpayer ID in case it is needed to claim exemptions from duties and import taxes with Customs.
  • Contact info for the procurement department of your institution and the name of the person handling the order.
This is the single most frequently asked question we receive. YES, we are more than happy to help out, whatever your predicament is, beit synchrotron beamtime or other deadlines. There is just one simple boundary condition within which we handle expedited orders, and that is that we will need to receive a formal purchase order in writing (send it by email or fax) before we start cutting into a crystal rod. Since we live in a bureaucratic world where purchasing departments can take weeks, or in the occasional case even months, to process an order, you will have to fast-track the PO for your expedited order through your own procurement process before we can start producing.
With only two exceptions we directly take orders from all countries globally. From Japan we accept orders through our agent, Japan Laser Corporation. From China, we take orders through Omtech Opto-Electronics, Ltd..
The curved crystals that we provide are not yet part of the Request Quote page of our website since there are several important details like the angular range, radius of curvature and azimuthal orientation that we need to coordinate in detail with our end customers before we can issue a formal quotation. Please contact us directly at to discuss the details of the curved crystal that you need.